Testimony Continues in Mailboxes, Etc. Murder Trial

Tori Storm is accused of breaking into a “Mailboxes, Etc.” store in Tallahassee four years ago and killing the owner.

Storm is 20 now, but police say when he was just 16 he broke into the Mailboxes, Etc. store on October 2001 on North Monroe Street and shot owner Daniel Kovack in the head.

SGT Mark Ormerod found his body.

"Slumped over in a chair, sitting in a chair facing the television set. The television set was on and he appeared to have a remote control in his hands," he explains.

Prosecutors contend they have DNA and fingerprints that link Storm to the bloody scene, but Storm's attorneys paint a much different picture.

They say storm may have been the teenager neighbors saw riding away from the store Friday night, but contend Kovack was alive and well the next day opening for business and visiting the liquor store across the street.

Shirley Bryant of Albertson's Liquor Store says, "October 13, 2001, and does it have a time of sale? 14:52 military time, which is almost three o'clock in the afternoon."

Kovack's body was discovered two days later when he failed to open for business. Storm's trial is expected to last the rest of the week and possibly into next.