New Job Training Program to Prepare South Georgia for Future Prosperity

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Last summer it was announced that Sanderson Farms would make a major expansion in south Georgia, creating 1,800 new jobs to staff the company's poultry operations.

Now, the company is turning to technical colleges in Moultrie and Valdosta to help train their new employees. School leaders say it's the start of a great partnership.

Tina Anderson, Moultrie Technical College President, says, "We'll provide training for them both in Adel and Moultrie, so we're excited about what we can do. We're excited to have them in our community. It's a great partnership between Quick Start, the technical colleges, Sanderson Farms and economic developers."
Local community leaders say the type of cooperation going on between Sanderson Farms and area educators, like those at Moultrie Tech and just down the road at Valdosta Tech, say it will actually help invigorate the south Georgia economy for many years to come.

Kerry Waldron, Cook County Economic Developer, says, "The extra benefits, we'll have other industries looking at us because of our relationship with Sanderson Farms. They're a quality company, quality paying jobs that will provide opportunities for a lot of folks in our region."

They are opportunities that will affect not only the technical colleges and Sanderson Farms, but have a ripple effect on the region's economy, all thanks to the work now being done.

The new Sanderson Farms training program will cover a variety of jobs and skill levels.