Summer Camp Season Ready to Roll in South Georgia

Allison Daughtary could hardly wait for that final school bell to ring. It not only signified the end of the school year, but the start of summer camp.

Allison says, "I like swimming; I like to do art; I just like being with my friends when I come here too, it’s really fun."

Fun in the sun, it's the name of the game with a new focus this year. Organizers say the camp's activities all place a stronger emphasis on exercise this year. It's south Georgia's solution to the nation's obesity epidemic.

Not only are these kids getting exercise and having fun at the same time, organizers say they are also getting an important life lesson about being friends and being around kids with special needs.

Caterina Orr, summer camp coordinator, says, "They are exposed to all different types of people, which is good for them. They also become very tolerant and are very helpful when it comes to our special needs children, which is wonderful."

But that's not all these kids will take away with them this summer.

Brockey Brock, the Valdosta Parks and Recreation director, says, "We're doing a lot of preventative things with our public safety sector where we bring in not only the sheriff to talk to our children, but the Fire Department and those types of things."

It's a slam dunk summer these kids won't soon forget.

Organizers say there are a few spots still left. If you'd like information about these summer camps, call Valdosta Parks and Recreation at 229-259-3507.