Combating Erosion Caused by Hurricanes

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A coastal community in Franklin County is welcoming some million dollar improvements that could prove instrumental during hurricane season.

Let's head to Alligator Point, Florida, a town that's been eroding away since the 70s. In Alligator Point, bulky rocks decorate the beach front, the remains of a once sandy beach that's washed away through the years.

Alligator Point native Freelan Pigott shows us what used to be a beach.

"It was all beach, our house was built out there in 1927."

Since then Pigott's family had to relocate the house three times. The reason: mass erosion.

Butch Baker of Franklin County Emergency Management says, "Alligator Point has had that problem since 1685.”

And hurricanes have simply fueled the problem.

Alan Pierce, Franklin County Planner, says, "For residents it's an evacuation issue; the road is vulnerable to hurricanes and even tropical storm surge."

It is why legislators recently allocated more than $1 million to combat the problem.
Their solution: t-groins.

The t-groins are just as they sound, they're shaped like a “T” to buffer waves before they break on the shore.

Alan explains, "If we put sand there now it wouldn't stay, so with t-groins we'll fight erosion and residents will have a beach."

It’s a beach that has been sorely missed by natives and visitors alike. Pierce says the project could take two to four years and will cost about $4 million.