Wanted: New Teachers

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Leon County is getting a leg up on filling vacancies with its annual Teacher Interview Day.

By signing on the dotted line, Jennifer Fout will take her place at the front of the classroom this fall. She's one of hundreds of hopefuls looking for work in the Leon County school system.

Jennifer says, "I wanted to teach at Riley because I know kids there; I would enjoy teaching."

Riley Principal Mary Allen is happy to welcome someone with Jennifer's background on board.

Mary Allen says, "Though we welcome all beginning teachers, we like to have experienced teachers."

Officials say there could be a shortfall of 12,000 teachers in Florida's public schools by the 2006 school year.

Leon County's Teacher Interview Day is about exposing educators to possible employers. School leaders say it’s a great tool for fulfilling the class size mandate.

Tom Inserra, the principal with Sealy Elementary, admits it's hard to find teachers.

"We have several openings at Sealy, especially with class size reductions."

Seventeen Leon County schools currently have openings in all fields. Eugenio Gant snagged a spot at Pineview Elementary. He's a recent FAMU graduate looking to get his start in the education arena.

Eugenio says, “Feels good to have job and make transition from student to lifelong employee; really happy."

Teacher Interview Day brings a resume to life for school administrators and gives job seekers a chance to live out their dream. Gadsden County schools, Florida High and other schools were also on hand for Teacher Interview Day.