Mr. Food: Lemonade

Summer and lemonade go hand in hand, not only because it’s so refreshing, but it’s chock full of healthy Vitamin C too! And here are a few ways we can give it a jazzy up-to-date twist!

Our basic lemonade: In a pitcher, we dissolve 1-1/2 cups sugar in 1/2 cup boiling water. Pour in 1-1/2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice and the grated peel of one of those lemons. Add 5 cups cold water, some ice and that's our old-fashioned lemonade! Now, for our today twist, we purée 2 cups of seedless watermelon chunks.

Add it to our basic lemonade mix and, besides how colorful it looks, mmm… the taste! Plus, you might like to freeze some extra chunks of watermelon and use 'em as “ice cubes” for doubling the flavor, and the gorgeous look! But that's not all.

We could purée 1 package frozen mixed berries with 1/4 cup honey. Add that to the basic mix? Voila! Very-Berry Lemonade! And a big party favorite could start with our old-fashioned lemonade, but add in 3 cups pineapple juice and 1/4 cup mint leaves.

You know, the pineapple has always been a symbol of welcome and hospitality, so raise a glass of that to your guests! And if you’d like these recipes, just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, marked “Lemonade Options,” to me, Mr. Food, right here at the station, or it’s online so you can create a warm-weather refreshing stir at your house!

See? It can be the taste of yesterday or today, but always "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"