Southwest Georgia Technical College Holds Job Fair

One local college makes it its job to help students take that next step into the work force. The job fair at Southwest Georgia Technical College is more than a gathering of employers and possible employees.

It is a way to encourage job development in the south Georgia area and connect students that live and study here with possible jobs.

Theresa Donaldson of the Georgia Department of Labor says, “What we hope to do is have persons in the southwest Georgia area come in and find jobs, so therefore that's going to lower our unemployment rate."

The job fair offers many opportunities for students that are getting ready to graduate. They can talk with different employers in the south Georgia area, give out resumes and even interview for jobs on site.

Deidre Hudson, who is graduating this month, says, "I've had some hard times trying to find employment for new graduates, and this gives us a great opportunity to see which jobs are open and looking for new graduates with little experience."

Amy Shiver of Equity Group, Georgia Division, says, "I brought about 300 applications with me and have a very short stack left, which is good. We've made a lot of contacts."

Hopefully the contacts and applications will turn into careers.

The job fair manager says there were more than 32 employers at the fair and others waiting outside for space to open up so they could set up and recruit employees.