Summer Session at the Quincy House

It's summertime now, so do you know what you're kids will be doing? Most kids don't receive any educational attention during the hot months. It doesn't have to be that way for kids in Quincy.

Aaah, the lazy days of summer; no school and afternoons filled with backyard cook outs, but don't let this cook out fool you. It actually kicks off a new Parks and Recreation summer program that includes educational enrichment.

"We're partnering with TCC House and Community in schools to bring about a more diversified summer camp program. Right now we've increased enrollment up to about 200, between 185 to 200 kids," said Reginal Cunningham, director of Quincy Parks and Recreation.

Many of the children who will be participating in the new summer program are still outside celebrating the new program, but come Monday morning, they'll be sitting at computers ready to learn.

"The first month of the program will focus on computer literacy training. We've got a great staff here to assist these kids learn a number of different things about computers," shared Chris Hansen with TCC Quincy House.

"The second month of the program will incorporate a Spanish language and cultural awareness," added Hansen.

Parents in Quincy are supporting the summer program with the added educational components.

"I'm basically registering them for the program to further develop their skills physically, academically, something to kind of keep their minds stirred up during the summer," said Deorrick Price, a Quincy parent.

The educational activities include two hours of instruction Monday through Thursday for eight weeks, and all of the traditional Parks and Recreation activities will still be available as well.

Organizers say the new program is designed to be both fun and educational. If you would like more information about the program, you can call 850-875-3462.