Cypress Gardens

Worried about how you're going to keep your kids entertained this summer, yet manage some down time for yourself? A new thrill ride at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, Florida may do just the trick.

Screams of joy are now as common as the flower blossoms at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in central Florida. That's because the park now offers visitors more than three dozen brand new rides for everyone in the family.

Don't worry about any aggravation; park-goers say Cypress is heads and tails better than the rest.

Park visitor Holly Hayes from St. Cloud, Florida said, "We have annual tickets to Disney and this is a lot better for children this age because there is no waiting in the lines at all. It's been very quick, very efficient. They've been able to do their favorite thing over and over again."

But it's the roller coasters stealing the spotlight. The wooden coaster, Triple Hurricane, is a real crowd pleaser for park-goers of any age.

Chip Weinberg says, "I went on it because I though it was one of the old-fashioned wooden ones, but it's not as rickety as it looks, its not as scary as Coney Island roller coasters, but it was pretty darn good."

From water rides to thrill rides to kiddie rides, Cypress Gardens’ newest attractions are sure to chase the summertime blues away.

Park officials say Cypress Gardens Passport 2005 is also accepted at Wild Adventures Park in Valdosta, Georgia. It's two parks for the price of one.