Gadsden County Subdivision Suffers Serious Setbacks

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"When they built here, they knew certain things needed to be in place and they did not follow through."

Kim Bishop is one of several residents in the newly built "Deer Ridge" subdivision in Gadsden County who says their American dream of home ownership is quickly turning into a nightmare.

Kim says, "The main problem stems from lack of erosion control in the beginning and it's snowballed where the drainage is not properly working. All the storm drains are clogged; certain swales were not put in properly."

Residents say for the past three months they've been asking the builder to fix the erosion problems. For example, a culvert is not draining properly. You can see that the water is at a standstill instead of draining.

Erosion and drainage problems are just a few of their complaints. Residents say they've contacted the developer and were assured the problems would be fixed, but to no avail.

Reg Thackeray adds, "All my money is invested here. I've depleted all my savings in order to have a nice place and we feel this development could be."

County officials have now imposed a moratorium on building permits. A letter was also sent to the developer, urging him to hammer out the problems.

Homeowners are scheduled to meet with county commissioners on Tuesday, June 7 to find out if the contractor is doing his part in correcting these problems.