Tallahassee's Homeless Population Fears for its Safety

Living day by day with no roof over their head, many of Tallahassee's homeless keep a low profile.

Steve Britain, a Tallahassee homeless, says, "All we do is come down here and try to have a good time. Do this and do that, but you know, we don't have nowhere to go."

There are shelters for the city's homeless to turn to, but the answer we got was the same when we asked, is Tallahassee safe for the homeless?

James Crawford says, "No, no it is not, drunkenness, and then if you have anything, they will take it from you, so you got to be real careful."

Tallahassee police say violence on the homeless is low, in the cases they do have, they say it's usually against each other.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "A lot of the violence you're seeing with homeless people is homeless against homeless, not so much a citizen out there who has purchased a home or apartment here, and just going out and beating homeless people."

Tallahassee police say they're taking measures to help protect some of the city's most vulnerable.