Dreams Becoming Reality for Homeowners in Georgia

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Owning a home is a dream for a lot of people, but for many in the Azalea City it remains that, a dream, but the new "Dream City" program announced Friday between the state and the city of Valdosta aims to change that by giving folks the assistance they need when buying their first home.

John Fretti, Valdosta Mayor, says, "I'm proud that our financial institutions have gathered around to say, 'yes, we want to help. We want to help in the form of low interest rates.' And I’m proud that project change wants to educate first-time homebuyers."

It's an important program for Valdosta, considering home ownership rates in the Azalea City fall well short of the national average.

"State leaders say it's very important to be involved in this type of program because it transforms not only local communities like Valdosta, but the entire Peach State for many generations to come."

Mike Beatty of the Department of Community Affairs says, "We're going to be able to move into some areas that may have been a little blighted, maybe have had some rundown areas. We can go in there and literally light up an area, bring in some new housing, work on some existing housing to make the area more attractive."

It’s more attractive and more cost effective to a new generations of home owners. For information on this new program, call Valdosta's Community Development Department at 229-671-3617.