Agents Need Your Help as Marijuana Growing Season Hits its Stride

Marijuana is a constant problem in south Georgia. This week the Thomasville/Thomas County Narcotics Vice Division arrested Richard Silas for possession of marijuana

Kevin Lee of the Narcotics Vice Division says, "He was standing with a big black plastic garbage bag and inside the bag was 20 1/2 pound blocks of marijuana."

Approximately 10 pounds of marijuana was seized, worth $35,000 on the street. Marijuana isn't just a problem in Thomas County. It is a problem in all of south Georgia.

"Due to the climate and growing conditions in our area, a large amount of marijuana is grown locally."

Narcotics officials say marijuana is usually planted indoors during February and March and it is transplanted to the woods after the last frost. They add that the plants are usually found in areas with dense underbrush but where sun light is still able to reach the plants.

"We are entering the growing season now and should expect marijuana seizures and arrests to start increasing."

The Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division has made 61 marijuana arrests so far this year. The Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force has made 66 arrests.

Narcotics officials add that even with the use of helicopters and airplanes it is impossible for law enforcement to search the vast woodlands of south Georgia for marijuana plants. They ask that citizens be their eyes and ears and contact any agencies with information.