Valdosta Points of Progress

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Valdosta State University isn't asking you to "pardon its dust," but instead to "pardon its progress."

VSU is building for its next century, and with 28 construction projects underway this summer, students and faculty have their eyes peeled for those "points of progress" signs.

It's a physical transformation reflecting VSU's growth and progress.

Victor Myers, a VSU student, says, "I feel like it's a good thing because as far as me being here for a little bit longer, I'll see some things going on that could be new and exciting, so I feel it’s pretty good."

One of the larger projects will be the creation of the new Blazer Pedestrian Mall through the heart of the main campus.

Jim Black says, "Actually, this is a very interesting turn of events because when Valdosta was originally designed the whole campus was a walking campus, so now we've sort of come full circle back."

But university officials say the construction will cause disruptions both on and off campus, which could have some folks pulling at their hair.

Sylvia Smith, a future VSU mom, says, "Growth always comes with some adversity, but the result is the best thing in the long run. It's what is it going to do for the students, what it is going to do for the community, and how much is the community going to grow, and it's really worth it in the long run."

The work is proof this university is growing by leaps and bounds. University officials say they plan to complete a bulk of the construction work this summer while many students and faculty members are away.