Concerned Mother Helps Put Sex Offender Back in Prison

Sexual predator Leo Dean Wilson was just sent to prison for another 10 years, and it all began when a teenage boy stopped for a snack.

Wilson worked at a Pan store on the corner of Chaires Cross Road and 90, and Leon County deputies would soon discover he was selling much more than gasoline and candy. He handed a 17-year-old boy a note, hoping to talk to him alone.

“You are so sweet; very, very nice, very, very, very attractive,” he wrote. “I love your voice, your smile, and I decided to take a chance with you."

DEP Benjamin Benedict responded when the boy's mother called authorities.

"It was just really off; it raised a lot of alarms and I knew that something was not right there and I felt at that point in time, whoever wrote that letter was probably looking to get a hold of a child," he says.

Benedict confronted Wilson and soon discovered he was a sex offender who'd spent time behind bars for sex acts with a child under 16, and spent time in the federal pen for child pornography, but the note itself wasn't illegal, so Benedict kept digging and discovered Wilson was living at a motel and never notified authorities of his address, as required by law.

Jack Campbell, prosecutor, says, "This was more than someone who wasn't reporting; this was someone who wasn't reporting and was using that lack of supervision to aide him in trying to get access to other children."

When all was said and done earlier this spring, Leo Dean Wilson was convicted of failing to register, dubbed a habitual offender and sentenced to 10 years in state prison, and it all started with an angry mother and a son who trusted her enough to show her the note.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "This family and this young man did exactly what needs to be done. Because of them there's one less sexual predator on the streets of Tallahassee and Leon County."

Deputies have no way of knowing whether Leo Dean Wilson approached any other children while working at that convenience store, but say he won't have another chance now.