Voucher Protest

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They want school choice, opportunity scholarships, and the Supreme Court's nod of approval.

Thousands of students and parents are marching for a cause to keep Florida's school vouchers in tact.

Kiyata Branker of Miami Christian Academy says, “I'm a private school administrator and public schools don't work for everybody. They want the opportunity to put kids where they can learn and grow.”

It's the topic of a six-year legal battle: "Bush versus Holmes" challenging the governor's Opportunity Scholarship program, a program that has taken more than 700 students out of failing schools and placed them into private institutions.

But the battle has come to an end, at least for the public sector.

Ron Meyer, prosecuting attorney, says, "This case is going to be decided on constitutional issues inside the courtroom, not emotions outside the courtroom."

It's up to the Supreme Court to make a final ruling. The question at hand: who do the vouchers help, parents or faith-based schools? It’s something the state's highest justices must decide.

Both attorneys in the case say the final ruling likely won't come down for months. Until then the Opportunity Scholarships will remain the same.