Grady County Pot Bust

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It was an early day for drug agents with the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force and the Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division.

Agents set up surveillance Tuesday morning on Gilliard Road in Grady County after receiving information about possible marijuana plants at the property. Their patience paid off big time.

Joey Autrey of the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force says, "We have found between 70 and 75 plants so far in the woods."

Kevin Lee with the Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division adds, "Some had just been planted, approximately three feet tall, looked like he had some planted a couple days before and in the process of planting several today."

Agents add that they also found a large quantity of processed marijuana on the back porch of the mobile home.

Ken Gilliard and Fred Rackley were arrested Tuesday afternoon. They are charged with manufacturing of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

Sheriff Harry Young of the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "It's very important that we work on the marijuana fields and plants that we come across and in contact with. We are working strong trying to do away with drugs in our county. I know it's going to be an ongoing problem."

It’s a problem law enforcement will continue to fight, one drug bust at a time.

Citizen involvement is an important part of the war on drugs, and anyone with information on drug activity is urged to contact authorities.