Summer Jobs: A Little Injury With Your Income?

According to the National Consumers League's list, agricultural jobs are the most dangerous for young workers. Construction and landscape follow at two and three respectively.

Fork lift operators come in at four, and traveling, door-to-door sales round out the top five.

James Little, who works with forklifts, says, "After I got hired, we went through training, a lot of safety issues because Home Depot is highly favored on safety."

The National Consumers League reports that nationwide, a young worker is hurt on the job site every 30 seconds. Some local employers we spoke with are taking steps to make sure those accidents don't happen.

Cliff Thomas, garden manager at Home Depot, says, "If they're going to work any of the major equipment, there's an extensive four to six-hour class, plus a hands-on feature to actually license each one of our associates."

The National Consumers League releases the five most dangerous jobs list each year. The NCL uses government statistics, information from state labor departments and news coverage to compile the list.

The National Consumers League warns parents to check out their child's employer and have a basic understanding of child labor laws.