Testimony Continues in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Tuesday the judge ruled a dying man's words inadmissible in court.

James "Roscoe" Brown is accused of killing Carlos Chaires in a drug dispute last summer. Testimony in his murder trial began Tuesday.

911 call:

Operator: "911, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "I'm on South Adams Street and I got a fella here who fell out of a truck or was hit by a truck, I couldn't see."

The 911 call came from the driver of a van who saw Carlos Chaires' body skidding and tumbling down Adams Street.

Paramedic Kenny Schultz testified when he arrived. The semi-conscious victim told him this was no accident.

Kenny Schultz said, "Did you ask him what was wrong with him to try to determine what you needed to do to help him?"

"Yes, sir."

"What did he say?"

"He said he was shot."

Twenty-six-year-old James "Roscoe" Brown is accused of pulling the trigger. Police on scene say Carlos Chaires told them so before he fell unconscious and died, but jurors never got to hear that because the judge ruled those last words inadmissible.

So prosecutors will now rely on witnesses, including a co-worker who says Brown confessed to him within hours of the murder.

Neill Wade, prosecutor, said, "He just says, 'I burst him,’ and he described to Montford that when he shot him and went out the door that he kept going and he looked in the rearview mirror and saw him flipping, as he put it, 70 or 80 times."

Also on the stand Tuesday afternoon was NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neill's sister, who is married to the accused killer, and a 12-year-old girl who testified about the last time she saw Carlos Chaires alive.