Improving Care for Cardiac Patients

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Thomasville's Archbold Hospital is trying to improve care for their cardiac patients, but Archbold says they'll need the help Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Thomas County to help to do so.

Archbold Hospital is applying to join the Atlantic Seaport Study. Archbold does not offer heart surgery, but would like to offer more service to cardiac patients.

The study will allow hospitals like Archbold to perform angioplasty's and stint placements as long as they can transport a patient to heart surgery capable hospital like Tallahassee Memorial in less than an hour.

Dr. James L. Story of Archbold Memorial Hospital says, "In order to do that we need to contract with an ambulance service, and obviously the ambulance service to have it with is Thomas County EMS in order to take any patients to Tallahassee who may emergency care."

Dr. Story says that statistically, only one in a thousand patients undergoing the procedures actually needs transport. He says for the study to go forward though, he needed the cooperation of Thomas County EMS for those rare cases.

Melburn Jelly, Jr., director of Thomas County EMS, says, "Hopefully it will have a better, more positive impact on patient outcome who have cardiac problems and so forth. We're glad that Archbold has enough confidence in our ambulance service that they would even want us to participate with them in this."

The deadline for hospitals submitting applications for the study is June 13. The team at Archbold says they're ready.

Archbold administration says they have a good, long standing relationship with their neighbors to the south at Tallahassee Memorial.