Governor's Honors

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Hundreds of Georgia's brightest high school students move into a local university for a unique learning experience.

Erin Parks has lived in Valdosta her whole life, but now finds herself seeing Valdosta State's campus in a new light. She is one of 680 students attending the Governor's Honors Program at Valdosta State University.

Erin says, "We're living on our own basically. You have to clean up, you have to get to class on time, you have to take care of yourself and you do your own laundry and you have to go to the post box. We are completely independent this summer."

For six weeks, students must stay solely on campus allowing the university to market itself to the most coveted students in the state.

Dale Lyles, the Governor Honors Program organizer, says, "Part of what they're doing here is being here for the love of learning, but it’s at a level that’s much higher than the regular high school classroom."

But it’s not all work and no play for these students; it is, after all, still summertime for them.

Joshua Thomas, a Lowndes High School student, says, "They respect the fact that it’s summer, so even though they're keeping you busy for about seven and a half hours or so, the rest of the time is free time, so you get to do whatever you wish."

It will keep these young minds challenged and entertained for the entire six-week program. The university and the students aren't the only ones who can enjoy the program, as there are dozens of student performances free to the public.