Tallahassee Firefighters Practice Water Rescues

Our area can experience unpredictable weather, bringing potentially dangerous flooding, so, a team of local firefighters are training to fine tune their water rescue skills.

It's a different kind of rescue from what they're used to. Instead of fighting fires, the Tallahassee Fire Department hit the water to brush up on their water rescue skills.

The firefighters practiced rescue tactics for saving people in distress as well as body recovery.

"We used different kinds of buoys; we threw different kinds of lines. We have certain lines that we just throw a line out in the water and practice pulling people back to the boat. It's not something that we do very often, so it's important to train in it so we can stay proficient,” explains Ruben Rodriguez of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

It was calm waters and clear skies for the Tallahassee Fire Department's Water Rescue Training, but firefighters say they are training for rescues that usually take place during severe weather and heavy flooding.

"We have to go out in the community when we get these hard torrential rains. People get trapped in their homes and things of that nature. People trying to drive through water in their cars and we have to go out and get them, and this keeps us abreast in what we're doing,” says Graham Reid of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

So when the time comes to hit the water, these men will be prepared to save lives.

The Tallahassee Fire Department says that there are five rescue boats spread throughout different counties in the area.