Grady County Homicide

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Officials with the Grady County Sheriff's Office are looking for 19-year old Arnulfo Gomez, in connection with the death of Ramiro Verez.

Investigators with the Grady County Sheriffs Department believe he's connected to the murder of Ramiro Verez and say Gomez may be enroute to Mexico.

Investigators received a call Monday night about possible foul play at a mobile home. When they arrived at the residence they could smell a foul odor. They say they forced the back door open and entered the residence. What they found was gruesome.

Sheriff Harry Young says, "Found a Hispanic male fairly young laying on the floor, a knife stuck on the back of his head, a fork stuck on his neck, multiple lacerations all over his face, back."

Police believe the body of Ramiro Verez had been inside the mobile home since Saturday.

Sheriff Young says, "Somebody was very vengeful they cut his ear off also, so we know it's someone who really wanted to get even with someone."

Sheriff's deputies say they spoke with Gomez's siblings who say that on Saturday night the two men had an altercation, and when Gomez left Verez's residence he told them he had just killed him.

The Sheriff's Office says that this is all hearsay and they are still working on gathering physical proof. Sheriff Young says that Gomez had been in the U.S for about a year. He is considered dangerous.

If anyone sees him they are urged to contact the Grady County Sheriff's Office at 229-377-5200.