Father's Day Homicides

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Emotions are still high in Madison County as a community recovers from a shootout in broad daylight, one that's resulted in the death of 35-year-old Raymond Stewart, and now 36-year-old John Walton.

Tuesday evening police in Madison County were searching for bullet fragments at the Madison Heights apartment complex following a deadly shootout on Father's Day.

Priscilla Mitchell says, "We've never had anything like this happen right in front of these kids, the complex, anything."

Two people have been charged in connection with now a double homicide, but police are still looking for a third person of interest. Twenty-four-year-old Francisco Banks and 25-year-old Ronnie Harris have been arrested and charged with first degree murder and are being held at the Madison County Jail.

Right now the search is on for 24-year-old Quinn Lee. He's not been charged, but police want to talk with him.

Rick Davis says, "This case will go to the grand jury here in Madison County and will be presented by the state attorney's office. They will make a determination of what indictments will be handed down.”

Davis says two weapons were involved: one foreign made rifle which has been recovered, and a second handgun which has not.

Apartment residents say the Saturday evening before the shooting there was an outside church revival. The minister was said to be speaking on a message about dodging life's bullets.

Vera Hill says, "Well, at the time I was speaking I just felt something was going to happen. The Bible says warning comes before the destruction."

Chief Davis says that grand jury hearing should happen within the next 30 days or so. At this point the chief believes the shootout may have occurred over a girl, but that's only speculation.

Anyone with information can contact the Madison Police Department at 850-973-5077.