FAMU Student's Body Found in Pond

Tuesday, officers scoured the pond where his body was found, and residents say it had been floating there for days before they realized what it was.

It took two days to drain the holding pond where Willie James Davis' body was found. Tuesday morning, officers could finally see bottom and set out in a rowboat to make sure the murder weapon wasn't stuck in the muck.

They found a bevy of bottles, flapping fish and a few traipsing turtles, but no gun and no more clues to Davis' demise.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "Unfortunately, we didn't find anything inside the pond, so we're back to where we once began with just talking to witnesses. Our investigators still have some good leads that they are following up on, though."

An autopsy Monday revealed that Willie James Davis died of a gunshot wound, and investigators revealed Tuesday that he had lived in the apartment complex as recently as April, but officers aren't saying much more.

There’s no word yet on a motive or suspect and no comment on how long Davis' body may have been in the pond before it was discovered on Sunday.

Andrew Roland, who lives near the holding pond, says, "There's trash in there all the time, but nothing that big, but we kind of dismissed it."

But Andrew Roland, who lives right on the edge of the holding pond, tells us he and his neighbors noticed that floating bundle in the pond late last week, never imagining it would turn out to be a young man's body.

Andrew says, "We were like, yeah, it's been there for a day or two at least. Since Thursday or Friday it's been there."

We tried to find out from the apartment complex management how long Davis had lived at The Lakes, but our call has not yet been returned. Davis, who hails from Jacksonville, was a sophomore studying architecture at Florida A&M. A school spokeswoman says he registered for a class this summer, but withdrew.