Swimmers Beware!

Unfortunately the warning isn't getting across to all beach goers at Shell Point and Mashes Sands.

There's trouble in paradise. The sun may be shining bright, and the water is inviting, but looks can be deceiving.

There's bacteria in the bay, and it's affecting two popular beaches in Wakulla County.

Doc Kokol, Florida Department of Health spokesman, says, “It might be increased rain. The county health department tests the water and at this point I think they have a warning out for swimmers.”

But that warning isn't reaching all those at risk. Children continue to splash around; even some adults take a nice stroll to cool off.

State and county officials can issue signs warning swimmers to get out of the water, but many beach goers say the warnings are easy to miss. Even the regulars at Mashes Sands Beach say their tropical oasis is for sun bathing, not wading.

Michelle Putch, a Wakulla County resident, says, “About a year ago they told us bacteria was in the water. I don't go in it ever.”

While health officials can't keep visitors off the beach, they can advise them not to swim. In this case, that advisory may be hard to find.