Get Kids Reading This Summer

With temperatures on the rise and summer showers setting in almost every afternoon, many children are left bored with nothing to do.

So many local businesses and organizations are pulling out all the stops to get children to read. Leon County public library systems have kicked off their "Read Around Florida" program. It's designed to keep children's minds active during the summer.

Sarah Latimer, Youth Services Specialist, says, "They'll come in and they'll get a reading log and fill out the days that they read. When they return to the library they'll get an incentive or a prize every week."

The summer reading program is already turning out to be a huge hit. Banners hang from the ceiling with lists of children’s names who have participated. Many parents find the program helpful to keep their children on track during the summer break.

Lea Marshall, a parent, says, "They have their own goals. The ones in school have their goals from school for the summer, and we set goals as parents fro them to read for the summer and this is extra incentive."

Pier One Kids and Barnes and Noble have also designed programs to keep children reading while they are out of the classroom.

Heidi Overton, store manager, says, "The goal of the program is to show kids that reading can be a fun summer activity."

Whether you're taking a long car trip or the summer showers have got your children feeling blue, keep in mind summer reading is a great activity with plenty of rewards.