Bank Fraud Ring Busted

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Detectives say the team of at least six or seven men has been operating in the north Florida and south Georgia areas for months.

Tammy Moore is a fraud investigator for Wakulla Bank. Moore says her job is tedious, but she loves it.

Tammy says, "It creates a lot of loss for everybody involved and there's no remorse. It's their job to come in and rip you off and it's our job to try and prevent it."

This week, Moore's hard work has paid off. With Moore's help and quick eye, Leon County deputies arrested Vincent Clark for bank fraud.

DET David Knight of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "He was attempting to pass another worthless check for $4,000 that he said he got from this group of people that were involved with some kind of male prostitution ring."

LCSO detectives say Clark isn't working alone.

Knight adds, "We've been investigating this ring for several months. There's been some incidents in Tallahassee and south Georgia where a group of black males have been coming into the area and depositing worthless and counterfeit checks to multiple financial institutes and merchants."

Those other merchants include Publix and Wal-Mart, but for one member of the bank fraud gang, the luck and money trail has run out.

LCSO detectives are still looking for at least another half dozen men involved with this case. Clark now faces a slew of charges including bank fraud, forgery and grand theft.