Valdosta HEAT

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We've all seen it, whether driving down the highway or just driving through town, aggressive or possibly drunk drivers causing problems.

Valdosta police have seen enough and want to take part in Georgia's "Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic," or HEAT program.

Brian K. Childress, Valdosta Police Captain, says, "They'll provide three fully equipped cars. When I say equipped, you're talking about markings, light bar, radar system, alcohol enforcement equipment, and they'll pay for two officers for roughly three years."

All the Valdosta police would have to do is chip in for a third new officer. Longtime Valdosta drivers like Georgiana Pierce say it’s about time the police started going after aggressive and drunk drivers.

Georgina says, "Our roads need to be safe for a while, and we've come a long way. Years ago there was no such thing as MADD or you didn't prosecute people who drank and drove, but we have come a long way and we need to go further and get them all."

Police say if they are awarded this grant, that's exactly what the new officers will be doing.

If the Azalea City is selected to host the newest HEAT team in the state of Georgia, department leaders say they don't want to waste any time getting those new patrolmen on these streets, helping secure the safety of all Valdosta Drivers.

It could take several months for the governor’s office to award the money for the new Valdosta officers.