Gadsden FCAT Grades

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Gadsden County school officials are hoping to take strides and leap into academic success this coming year. School grades were released Wednesday and showed more than 90 percent of Gadsden institutions passed.

Last year, five of them failed. This year, those failing schools improved. Stewart Street Elementary was the only one earning a failing grade, and now those students may be eligible for vouchers.

Dr. James Brown, Deputy Superintendent of Gadsden County, says, "The state has already contacted us about getting parents' names and so forth so that they can explain to them what their options are, so yes, we are proceeding and if the courts say otherwise, then we will abide by what the courts say."

Crossroad Academy Charter School officials made "no excuses" for earning an "F" last year. This year they earned a "B," 11 points shy of an "A".

Kevin Forehand, an educator at Crossroads Academy, says, "We're still going to have the "no excuses" policy, the zero tolerance for non-academic. The students are first, the teachers and the community, we all are putting our students first, hopefully with that, and the passion for students, we'll institute another successful year."

School officials say they're going to look at the students' successes and build upon that to make sure all schools in Gadsden get another successful year.

Students who attend a school that earned two "Fs" in a four-year period can be eligible for vouchers.