Big Help in Thomas County

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After a year-long campaign and a hefty goal, the United Way of Thomas County has something to smile about. The organization raised $220,000 that will be donated to help 19 non-profit agencies in the area.

Arthur Thomas, Vice President of the United Way, says, "We achieved our goal, and that's a very successful campaign. We had a lot of support from numerous people in the community. Without them we could have never achieved it.”

The non-profit organizations that the United Way helps apply each year, and they are given the money on a quarterly basis.

Wiley Grady, CEO of the YMCA, says, "We utilize the funds that they give us to help scholarship children that cannot afford our programs, to help senior adults who need our services for rehabilitation and purposes."

Some of the money will go to helping disabled individuals start a new life, like buying new clothing or taking care of some of the costs of having an apartment.

Helen Merell of Thomas-Grady ARC says, "They get very excited because they want to be a part of the community, and that I feel like, is our major role in their lives: to get them involved in the community."

It’s a community that helps each other by donating their time and money to the United Way and giving back to those who need it most.

The United Way of Thomas County kicks off its new campaign in July.