Teen Report: Summer Jobs

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Instead of hitting the beach this summer, high school students are taking advantage of their days of freedom to earn a little extra cash.

Veronica Parks says, "I did this so I could have a little extra spending money, and it does help to have a little work experience."

Whitney Koslick adds, "I've been raised in a family were it's always good for a student to have a job so that you can start learning how to manage money."

Duties for these summer jobs tend to vary with the type of work.

Parks says, “We're in charge of cleaning up, helping people create animals, putting shipments that we receive out.”

Along with a paycheck, these summer jobs provide a chance for kids to learn valuable life lessons about the real world.

Whitney, says, “I've learned in the restaurant business that manners can go a long way.”

Veronica says, “You learn how to deal with people and customers, and working with children is a great experience.”

So for these teens, it's not a summer spent sunbathing, but one spent pinching pennies.

U.S. Labor Department statistics show the number of teens job hunting is actually going down compared to previous years.