New Upscale Subdivision

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New subdivisions are rising up all across the Big Bend. The cost of land is not cheap, but developers are trying to make building a home more economical.

Developers have their eyes set on historic Monticello as the site of a new upscale neighborhood. Developer Riley Palmer has received phone calls from as far as Arkansas about the proposed Crooked Creek development, an upscale subdivision with each home ranging between $250,000 and $300,000 on one-acre lots.

Riley Palmer says, “The lot size has gone down to two tenths of an acre. I feel there'll be a lot of people who'll want to commute to Tallahassee and get a one-acre lot at approximately a third the price it would cost in Tallahassee.”

The proposed site is just west of Monticello's Holly Hills neighborhood.

Jen Nickelson says, "I like the idea of not having anything developed over there, but at the same time, the fact that they are nicer, upscale homes will hopefully help our property values."

Palmer says a major snag has to do with the water supply. Right now Holly Hills is being supplied with two-inch water line. Palmer says he wants an eight-inch line.

Palmer says, "What I've been willing to do is fund that extension and enlargement of lines in order to satisfy the problems in Pecan Hills and Holly Hills at a time to tie my new subdivision onto those."

Palmer says what's left now is the completion of the city approval process. Another development is in the works on the county's southeast side. Homes in that subdivision will cost about $125,000.