Flea Invasion

Veterinarian Sandra Brown says flea problems are a big headache for pet owners this time of year, but she says this season it's a problem that appears to be worse than usual.

"I'm already seeing it; a lot of my clients have come in with flea problems that they haven't had flea problems in the past."

Dr. Brown says she believes months of wet weather are to blame. Pet owners we caught up with say the flea problem is a constant battle.

Becky Bruce, a watchful pet owner, says, "I just watch him pretty closely. Keep the house free of eggs and fleas, and keep the grass cut pretty short."

Pet owners we spoke with say it's important to let their pets get out and stretch their legs, but veterinarians warn if you do so, make sure your pet is protected.

Dr. Brown says, "You need to have an integrated flea process to get rid of them both on the pet and in the environment, so there's a lot of really good topical flea controls that are safe to use on pets."

Dr. Brown suggests pet owners spray both their house and yard for fleas, proactive measures to keep some of our furry friends healthy and itch free.