Florida Governor Signs New Seat Belt Bill

The bill was just signed Thursday and police say they are ready to enforce it. If you have a child under the age of 18 not wearing a seat belt, police can now pull you over in Florida.

Becky Mooneyham, a mother of two, says, "I think it's a good thing. More people should keep their kids in their seat belts. They just don't do it."

Gov. Jeb Bush signed the bill Thursday. Tallahassee police say they will be on the lookout for unbuckled children. They say it could make the difference of life and death.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "If you are in a car accident, the number one primary restraint is the seat belt. It's not the airbag, but the seat belt."

It may have been safety belts that kept these two children safe on the very day the governor signed the bill. A Florida highway trooper says both parents were taken to the hospital. The driver hit a tree while trying to enter onto U.S. Highway 90 West off I-10.

The kids were in the back, buckled up. Adult drivers still cannot be ticketed for seat belts unless they're pulled over for something else first.

Georgia lawmakers passed legislation in the mid-1990s allowing law enforcement to pull drivers over for simply not wearing a seat belt.