Local Lake Gets Makeover

Cherokee Lake in Thomasville is getting a much needed makeover. The City Council approved a project to restore the lake and the park.

Cleaning out Cherokee Lake is just one part of the entire restoration project, a project that according to officials is costing the city an estimated $450,000.

Charles Brown of Prism Ecological Services says, "We're putting back water circulation at the edge and removing the vegetation, floating vegetation out in the water in the lake."

Brown says that most of the vegetation in the lake is exotic, not native to Thomasville, and has killed most of the fish in the lake.

By cleaning the lake, the city hopes to bring life back to it, and the equipment being used is one of a kind.

Charles Brown says, "We build most of our own equipment, since it can't be bought. It's all specialized and different."

The equipment includes a walking backo that stands up in water, mud or muck, and defines the water edge, a weed puller that removes weeds by the root, and a pusher boat.

Gwen Ridley, Facility Director of Public Works, says, "The city is very dedicated to recreation and they're just amplifying that dedication."

It’s bringing life back to Cherokee Lake for the community to enjoy. The lake restoration began on Monday, and officials say will continue until the lake is completely clean.