Reservists Claim Verbal Assault by Sheriff's Deputy

Rudely insulted as they tried to explain why they didn't pay before entering a federal park, reservists from the 351st AG Postal Company say they were just looking for a picnic site and someone to talk to about making arraignments, but they say instead they were treated poorly and given citations.

Wednesday June 21, 12 reservists from the 351st AG Postal Company in Tallahassee go to Silver Lake State Park. They say they were driving three military vehicles, looking for a place to picnic.

But instead, they end up with three $50 citations for not paying $3 fee to enter a federal park. In a formal complaint they've filed, the reservists say when they tried explain, DEP Carl Humphries and a U.S. Park Services officer were unnecessarily rude.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "The Sheriff's Office did receive a complaint, and Internal Affairs is looking into the complaint."

The reservist filled out complaint forms to LCSO. In one it reads: "We did not see anyone inside of the booth and there were no sign for monies that we were aware of."

Also in these complaints it says DEP Humphries told the reservists that somewhere in this area there's a sign that says if no one is in the booth, then it's the honor system. The reservists said that they didn't see the sign. However, there is a clear sign that says you must pay $3.00 before entering, even if there is no one inside the booth. It is called a self-service entrance.

Chris Chase says, "We're investigating and we will follow through and the Sheriff's Office will take the appropriate action."

The reservists say DEP Humphries asked one of them with contempt: “Can you read at a 9th grade level?"

"If you had any law enforcement background in you, you would know better. I expect this kind of behavior in the projects, but not from you."

The reservists had set up an on camera interview with WCTV, but canceled, saying they may talk to us at a later time. LCSO can't discuss its internal investigations until it's completed.

The reservists have a meeting set up with the U.S. park services, but so far no meeting arraigned with LCSO.