Grady County Homicide Arrest

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Grady County deputies made an arrest in a gruesome murder. A man is in custody and authorities say the case is far from closed.

The sheriff says that 19-year-old Humberto Gomez, the suspect's brother, has been arrested and charged with murder. After several interviews and stories that didn't add up, the sheriff says that Humberto Gomez confessed to being a part of the murder.

Authorities say that the Gomez brothers got into an argument over jewelry with the victim, Ramiro Verez, who has been identified by his half-brother as Romero Perez-Ballinas.

Authorities add the victim apparently threatened the Gomez's mother's life in Mexico and the brothers killed him. Authorities found Perez-Ballinas with a knife in his head, a fork stuck in his neck, and his ear cut off.

The sheriff had alerted U.S. and Mexico border patrol to keep an eye out for the suspected murderer Arnulfo Gomez.

A man with the same date of birth as Arnulfo Gomez crossed into Mexico on Monday. The sheriff believes that Gomez may have had an alias and was able to get to Mexico untouched.

The sheriff adds that he has contacted Mexican authorities, but so far they have not cooperated.