Tuning Up

The Tallahassee Police Department is fighting "dead spots."

John Newland, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, says, "Sometimes you're going to have these dead spots from tree coverage, low-lying areas."

TPD officers say these dead spots are more than just annoying.

SGT Jim Martinez explain, "It's an officer safety issue. If an officer is responding to a call or involved in any kind of confrontation or call where he needs a quick response or backup, if he can't get out on the radio, he won't get any because no one can hear him."

But TPD has found a solution to kill the dead spot problem: more powerful 800 MHz radios.

SGT Martinez says, "They'll be able to get out better through the low spot areas where when they key up, they'll be able to transmit and dispatch will be able to hear the officer.”

TPD says these new powerful radios will also impact you.

Officers say these small black boxes may not look like much, but in the field it's their lifeline.

The City Commission has heard TPD and has approved the purchase of 94 more of these 800 MHz radio systems. The cost is at least $300,000, which will come from the existing mobile radio budget.