Arrest in Grady County Murder

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The original suspect, Arnulfo Gomez, is still on the run, but his brother, Humberto Gomez, is under arrest and charged with the murder of 19-year-old Ramiro Verez, which turns out to be an alias.

The victim’s birth name is Ramiro Perez Ballinas. After several interviews and stories that didn't add up, authorities say Humberto Gomez confessed to murdering Perez-Balinas. He claims his brother Arnulfo Gomez is his accomplice.

The sheriff says a fight that ended in murder started as a dispute over jewelry and the victim threatening to kill the Gomez's mother in Mexico.

Sheriff Young of GCSO says, "Once they got him down they went outside after stabbing him repeatedly in the neck and the throat. Both of them picked up a large concrete block cement slab, went back inside and crushed his head with it."

The sheriff adds that the Gomez brothers headed towards Jennings, Florida on Sunday, but Humberto came back to Grady County. Authorities believe Arnulfo fled to Mexico.

"I didn't realize he had an alias name. The border guards stopped him with an alias and same date of birth, but not knowing that, you know, you can't arrest somebody ‘cause they have the same date of birth, but they did document it," says Sheriff Young.

The sheriff says that he has contacted Mexican authorities, but so far they have not cooperated.

Sheriff Young says that the investigation is still ongoing. He says that a warrant is out for Arnulfo Gomez and he is still working on interviewing more people and gathering information.