Cab Fare Changes

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A safe, sober ride home or maybe a way to get to that early flight; no matter what you've called them for, most people have used a taxi cab at one point or another.

Now, in the city of Tallahassee, a new ordinance is on the table that could create major changes for the first time in years.

Floyd Webb says, "We think it's a good change for the ordinance; it takes care of several issues."

Among them: a drop in the initial meter rate from a $1.60 to $1.50, eliminating the $1.00 airport pickup or drop-off surcharge, and the extra baggage surcharge. The city says it’s due time.

Jim English says, "Basically we haven't adjusted those rates since 2000. Obviously the cost for the cabs have gone up a lot. Fuel's probably gone up about 30 or 40 percent."

The ordinance would also take care of another problem that Yellow Cab and the city says is a public safety issue: gypsy taxi cab drivers, people acting as cab drivers without a license.

Floyd Webb says, "It was really a problem where the public was at risk. There are individuals out there who run these operations; here today, gone tomorrow, and it's a safety issue for the general public."

The proposed ordinance needs a public hearing, but legitimate cab companies are hopeful it will pass.

The ordinance also calls for rate increase from $1.75 to $2.00 per mile traveled. The public hearing is July 13 in City Hall.