Brothers on Trial for Murder

Mauro Solis has already been convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but Thursday opening statements began in the trial of his two brothers.

Yolanda Nessmith says after slapping Mauro Solis at this home on Juniper Road he left and returned with two of his brothers, Armando and Jose, also known as "Jessie" Nessmith, testified that upon his return, Mauro hit her again, and when Willie Joe Stanford stepped in to try and protect her he was beaten to death.

Yolanda explained, "I remember him with the gun, and Jessie kicking him.”

The defense attorney contends Nessmith, who was smoking marijuana and drinking at the time, may not have a true depiction of the incident.

John Leace, defense attorney, said, "You remember under the influence, could be a contributing factor."

But another witness, Lisa Pitts, corroborated Nessmith’s story.

Lisa said, "All three were kicking and stomping him like a bug in the head and face, and hit him with a gun."

Pitts says Stanford's friend, Jerry Shiver, also tried to help, but was beaten unconscious. Later, Shiver took the stand and tried to give an account of what happened.

Expert witnesses and law enforcement officials are expected to testify Thursday, and the case could go to the jury by Friday afternoon.