Teen Report: Summer School

More kids are opting to bypass the beach this summer and head back to the classroom.

For many students the school year doesn't end when summer begins. School officials say there has been an increase in the number of students attending summer classes over the years.

Sue Kraul of Adult and Community Education says, “This summer we had 352 high school students enroll with us for classes.”

Compare that to just 200 last year. Kraul says there are lots of reasons why students sign up for classes.

"The majority of students are here because they've failed a course or their GPA is too low so they're trying to make up a credit or increase there GPA."

Even though going to ACE is helping students for the upcoming school year, there are other things they wish they could be doing.

Ida Riley, a student at Adult and Community Education, says, "Probably earning more money, working or hanging out with my friends."

It’s students like Ida that help make this year's summer session at ACE one of the largest. ACE offers a variety of courses, including math, English and FCAT classes.