Valdosta Leaders Launch Storm Water Awareness Campaign

The county has launched a "storm water pollutant awareness" campaign. The next time you see litter on the ground or water in your trash can, county leaders ask that you clean it up.

They say pollutants like these are plaguing local rivers and storm water drains, which is the start of some major problems for both the county and its residents.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "Storm water contamination will eventually contaminate our drinking water. This is something nationwide communities are facing and it’s one of those things that starts at home."

By simply putting trash in its place you not only clean up the community and storm water drainage system, but also cut down on a lot of red tape with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mike Fletcher, a Lowndes County engineer, says, "It adds to a lot of paperwork and EPA regulations that we have to contend with on a daily basis."

County officials say it’s piles of debris like ones at construction sites that are contributing to the pollution problem. They're asking that you check your mail in the coming weeks and look for a brochure with tips to crack down on the problem.

Dukes adds, "Please don't throw it in the trash. All the tips we've included are recommended by the EPA. None of them are hard. They are all common sense."

But county leaders say some folks just need a friendly reminder, an effort they hope will keep storm water runoff contaminant free.

Postage for the storm water awareness brochures is funded through the county's permitting process.