Something Stinks

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Two months have passed since Dennis Grimsley returned home from work to find several train cars derailed in his front yard.

Nowadays, Dennis is dealing with a shock of different sorts, a smell that takes his breath away every time he walks outside.

Dennis says, "It's terrible. I mean, the smell is worse than anything I've ever been around."

He's talking about rotting soybeans. Piles of soybeans spilled out onto Stewart Circle when the derailment occurred, and residents of the area say the stench is simply unbearable.

Grimsley says, "You can't get outside and cook out. I can't finish my fence. The smell is just bad."

To help with the odor, crews are scooping up the decomposing soybeans with dirt and dumping those heaping piles on plastic. They will then wrap the piles up in the plastic, which will help with the smell at least for the weekend until they can remove it early next week.

Jim Fielding, Lowndes County Fire Chief, says, "They're going to lay some activated charcoal and they're going to use a biodegradable enzyme that will help quicken the breakdown of the soybean, so it should go away."

Firefighters say they expect the smell to be gone for good by the end of next week, an odor residents hope to never smell again. Firefighters say they have received several phone calls a day from residents in the area complaining about the smell.