Retirement Retreat

Thomasville joins the ranks of other Georgia communities, attracting retirees.

Thomasville has been called the new destination for retirees, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce says the city has seen an increase in the number of retired folks moving to the area, especially from south Florida.

Don Sims of the Chamber of Commerce said, "What we're hearing from the retirees moving up here is that they are looking for a sense of community, a smaller place to live and really a slower pace than what they have in south Florida."

Sims says the hassle factor is significantly less in Thomasville and there is good health care, shopping and less traffic, amenities he hopes will attract retirees to Thomasville and have a positive effect on the economy.

Bill Robbins, who retired to Thomasville from Lutz, FL, says, "We came here basically looking for a quieter, slower place to live, the hustle and bustle, everything from Tampa got to be ridiculous to us and we wound up here in Thomasville."

It's that kind of thinking that Sims hopes will attract many more retirees to the area. The president of the Chamber of Commerce says Thomasville is focusing on developing more housing to meet the growing demand of retirees moving to the community.