Casting Call

Tallahassee, get ready for a growing downtown and some public service announcements promoting that growth.

Auditions for American Idol it's not, but it could land some of these folks in TV spots promoting Tallahassee's downtown.

Amy Cahoon with the City of Tallahassee added, "They're very into it. We've had some college students here. We've had some older citizens here. We had a great cross section of citizens and we're really excited that everyone's so into it."

The city wants everyone to remain "so into it" as condominiums go up in an effort to anchor folks to the area.

The construction site at Kleman Plaza is one of three condominiums currently going up in the downtown area, and a fourth condo project is slated for Park Avenue.

"Within two years we'll have almost 1,000 condominium units, so you know if you have that many people in the downtown area, then the retail will follow," said Tallahassee Mayor John Marks.

Tallahassee resident Yvonne Dorsey agrees with that rationale.

"Getting people moved in, actually living in the area, those people would be, you know, more so to shop or do things downtown," shared Dorsey.

That's probably why 40,000 square feet of retail space will be available inside the bottom floors of the condominiums and the restaurant chain Harry T's is preparing to open its doors on Kleman Plaza in August. That's right about the time the first public service announcements on downtown will be airing.

Mayor Marks also says there's talk of a new parking garage and the city will be encouraging retail space for that parking garage as well.