Shark Attack

Authorities have released the name of the 14-year-old girl who was attacked and killed by a shark Saturday.

Jamie Daigle was swimming more than 100 yards off shore when she was bitten on the leg by what experts believe was a bull shark.

"Running strictly on adrenaline and scared to death” is how Tim Dicus describes trying to rescue Jamie Daigle. While he was out on his surfboard, he saw a fin lurking in the water. Then he heard screams coming from two girls on boogie boards, but by the time he reached them, it was too late.

Jamie's friend swam to safety, but the shark followed Tim and Jamie almost all the way to shore.

By the time paramedics took Jamie to Sacred Heart Hospital, she had lost too much blood and died from her injuries.

Twenty one miles of beach were closed after the attack, but Sunday beaches are reopened and people were back in the water, despite the tragedy.

"We just won’t go out too far, but it doesn't scare us," said one beach visitor.

"The water's really clear and pretty, so I feel really safe. They're out there with their dad today," added another sunbather.

Even though shark attacks are rare, authorities warn swimmers not to swim farther than about 60 feet off the sandbar and to stay away from large schools of bait fish that may attract sharks.

This is the first shark attack ever reported in Walton County. An autopsy will be performed Monday in Pensacola.