Summer Safety

The official summer season just began this week. Here in the Big Bend area that means lots of hot and humid weather, but in Tallahassee there are several places to splash off the heat.

Summertime is pool time, and in Tallahassee there are eight public pools to choose from scattered around the Capital Circle, and you don't have to live within the city to enjoy the pools.

Gerry Norris with the Tallahassee Parks & Recreation Department said, "It's open to the general public. It's city, county, everybody, and you know there are fees at the pool, a daily admission fee, and they vary a little bit but it's fully staffed with lifeguards."

During summer afternoons, most of the patrons are children, but an adult must accompany young kids.

Leslie Adams, also with the Tallahassee Parks & Recreation Department, added, "Anyone under the age of eight needs to have a parent or guardian with them over the age of 18. Kids that are eight and older can come to the pools on their own. I mean, of course, we'd like for them to have their parents with them, but we do allow them eight years old and older."

A few more pool tips supervisors want you to remember before cooling off in the water: wear a swimsuit, no street clothes in the pool, and if you wear a t-shirt over your suit, it must be white and no longer than hip length. Don't bring your own pool toys or floats, but do bring your own towel, food and drinks or change money to buy drinks.

And with that, you can be on your way to summer pool paradise. The pool hours for each of the eight public pools in Tallahassee vary. You can call the Tallahassee Parks & Recreation at 850-891-FUNN for specific times for each pool.