Pit Bull Attack

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Janet Wagers considers herself lucky after she and a friend survived an attack from two pit bulls.

Janet says, "They ripped my clothes, pulled my pants down in the street. We fought these dogs for blocks."

Wagers says she and her friend were walking with a dog on a leash last Friday when two pit bulls ran up to them. Wagers says initially the dogs were friendly, but then their demeanor changed.

Wagers explains, "They just kept coming at us. They decided they wanted the Shitzu and nothing was going to stop them."

Eventually, an alert neighbor saved the women and their dog by helping fight off the two pit bulls and calling Animal Control.

Animal Control says unfortunately this is not the only case this summer.

Richard Ziegler says, "There have been some unusual bites since this summer, some of them severe."

Here's some advice should you be faced with what looks like a dangerous dog: "Stand still; let the dog come up to you. Sometimes they just want to smell or greet you," Zeigler says.

Back up slowly without turning your back to the animal. If there's something you can put between you and the animal, do it.

Finally, don't run. Animal experts say running just pushes the animal instinct to chase into high gear. These tips aren't guaranteed to work, but Wagers says it definitely helps.

Animal Control says the two dogs involved in this case are no longer in Leon County.